Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Key Priorities

As an Academy we set strategic priorities for ourselves following feedback from internal and external sources such as Oasis Reviews, Ofsted etc. We strive to provide the best education for your children. Please see below our priorities and what it means for you as parents and carers.

1. Ensure a culture of high expectations and accountability across the Academy.

We will:

  • Never give up on your child and always encourage them to do their very best.
  • Have clear routines and boundaries so your child feels safe and supported.
  • Make sure every aspect of your child’s education is monitored to ensure they receive the best care and education possible.
  • Make sure all staff always set a positive example and become role models for your children.
  • Give your child all the relevant information they need to make great decisions about their own future.
  • Encourage your child to be the best they can be and help them achieve their goals.
  • Praise and celebrate any successes your child achieves.
  • Listen to your views and act on them where possible.
  • Be kind and always show respect to your child.

2. Ensure effective Leadership and Management in raising standards across the Academy.

We will:

  • Ensure our staff have the opportunity to access the most effective training.
  • Set our staff performance targets around areas they need to develop.
  • Ensure everything we do is checked to ensure high standards and consistency.
  • Be available to meet with parents/carers to help them in any way we can.
  • Keep teachers and support staff fully informed of decisions we make as leaders.
  • Evaluate our performance as leaders and get feedback from others.


3. Improve the quality of Teaching and Learning across the Academy so that all lessons are at least Good.

We will:

  • Visit your child’s classrooms to make sure the teaching is great!
  • Continuously develop and train staff so they are always improving.
  • Provide stimulating environments for your child to work in.
  • Provide exciting subjects for your child.
  • Give your child all of the necessary resources to be successful.
  • Celebrate your child’s work on displays and have a “student of the month.”
  • Share information on social media about children’s success. 


4. Improve attendance, especially for disadvantaged students so that it is in line with the Government expectation of 96%.

We will:

  • Give your child information every week about their attendance.
  • Give you information about what your child’s attendance means for them.
  • Work with you to support your child’s attendance.
  • Set clear targets for attendance so that they can be successful.
  • Obtain expertise from high quality consultants in this field to ensure your child meets their target.
  • Notify you if your child’s attendance is at risk.
  • Help and support you with any problems you are having with getting your child into school.


5. Students are engaged in their learning and their attitudes and contribution to learning are consistently Good.

We will:

  • Always remember to praise your child.
  • Ask children about their lessons.
  • Ensure that children are learning and enjoying their lessons.
  • Ensure children are presenting their work in the best possible way.
  • Listen to the “Student Council” and survey all children on how they feel about their education.
  • Use the behaviour system fairly so your child’s lessons are not disrupted.
  • Provide pastoral support for your child if they are experiencing any difficulties.
  • Keep you informed of your child’s progress.


6. Improve outcomes for all students for all groups in all year groups, especially for the more able and disadvantaged students.

We will:

  • Change teaching styles to match your child’s preferred style.
  • Give your child work at the appropriate level.
  • Put your child in the correct set so they can achieve.
  • Give your child clear targets and let them know about their current progress.
  • Mark your children’s books regularly, giving them information on how to improve.
  • Provide support for your child if they have a problem with their learning.
  • Provide extra support to your child where appropriate.
  • Use a recognised reading system to encourage your child’s literacy.


7. To ensure that the operational functions of the academy are cost effective.

We will:

  • Never waste money on unnecessary training or resources.
  • Always search for the best deals and get quotes from a number of businesses before buying or getting services.
  • Work with other Oasis Academies to get great deals on bulk purchases.
  • Have clear systems for the site maintenance and staffing procedures.
  • Take good care of resources so we do not have to replace frequently.
  • Produce a budget model every year and forecast up and coming costs and overheads.
  • Review spending frequently so no money is wasted.