Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

OAW iPad Expectations

The OCL Horizons device is a tool for learning and therefore the iPad is part of student’s daily-required equipment. As such this needs to be carried in a school bag to and from the academy as well as between lessons.

At the beginning of each lesson there will be an expectation for the iPad, along with all other basic equipment, to be placed on the desk (lid closed). This will be consistent and routine across all curriculum areas.

Student Expectations

1. All students must have a secure school bag to carry their iPad in. The iPad must be carried within these bags between all lessons. 

2. Student iPad are part of the expected daily-required equipment. Therefore, it must be brought into the academy every day. 

3. Every iPad must be significantly charged each day - you must have at least 50% battery for your classes. 

4. The iPad remains the property of Oasis and therefore this needs to be respected. iPads must be treated with care, and cases must not have any graffiti. As per the Home Use Agreement, any negligent loss or damage that cannot be repaired, will be required to be paid in full.
Please note that if an iPad goes missing or is lost, it is immediately locked and tracked, rendering it useless to anyone outside of Oasis - even if an attempt is made to 'wipe' or 'format' the device. 

5. Treat others and their equipment with respect

6. Follow the Oasis Academy Wintringham PRIDE values.