Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Pastoral Care

Oasis Academy Wintringham is committed to providing the highest level of pastoral care, welfare and guidance for all students. The primary aim is to offer a stable environment with a sense of security and belonging from which they can:

  • Develop their social, intellectual, physical and practical skills.
  • Participate in community life.
  • Become aware of the needs and feelings of other people.
  • Be prepared for their life after school.

Each student is part of a House: BransonNewtonEnnis-Hill or Rowling and within this a part of a tutor group set in year format. We believe that creating a strong sense of community belonging and fostering healthy competition ensures students feel happy and secure. Our House Champion is Mr Steve Broderick.

Our Heads of Year are Mr Justin Hyldon (Y07), Miss Kirsty Smith (Y08), Mr Ed McUrich (Y09), Mr Ashley Whitely (Y10) and Miss Briday Peers (Y11) regulary organise inter-community competitions and events, as well as participating in our weekly community assemblies.

Working alongside them are our House Managers: Mrs Sue Carlberg/Mr Paul Leadbetter (Y07), Mrs Alli Kent (Y08), Mr Wayne Watson (Y09), Miss Kirstie-Rose Gilbert (Y10) and Mrs Jo McIntyre (Y11). These members of staff deal with any behaviour issues or pastoral needs students may have and are the primary form of contact for parents/carers in relation to pastoral issues.

The pastoral system reflects the overall ethos of the Academy which encourages students to care for themselves, work hard and consider each other, the community and the environment in which they live.