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Mr McUrich

Head of Ennis-Hill

Hello, my name is Mr McUrich; I teach maths at Oasis Academy Wintringham and have done so for the last three years. In my spare time, I enjoy keeping fit at the gym, cycling and spending time with my three young children.

Two years ago, I took the role of head of Ennis-Hill. This was part of a inter-house strategy in order to promote healthy competition and give the students a sense of belonging. Ennis-Hill was chosen to be a house name because of the inspirational athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill, who is an Olympic gold medallist.

The shear grit, determination, commitment and hard work of this athlete is something which all of our staff and students need to aspire to. In Ennis-Hill House we strive to uphold the core values of the Academy; Perseverance, Relationships, Inclusion, Diversity and Everlasting Hope.

My role is to ensure all students have a house that they feel they belong to as well as a hub of support provided through our caring pastoral team. We are sensitive to student needs and offer support whenever we can in order to make our students respected and understood.

Linked to each house is a House Manager; Alli Kent is House Manager for Ennis-Hill. Mrs Kent will provide support in all areas of the Academy for students. She is very experienced and will always strive to resolve any issues that arise.

We firmly believe Ennis-Hill House is the best house to be part of as we work collaboratively with all staff and students in order to make the student's journey the best it can be in the Academy.


Mrs Kent

Year 9 House Manager

Hello, my name is Mrs Alli Kent and I am very proud to say that I am the House Manager for Ennis-Hill House.

I am a very creative person and really enjoy a variety of crafts, some of which I have done since I was a lot younger. I enjoy cooking, music/concerts, going to the cinema and I love to travel. Family time is very important to me - I am a very proud mum and nannie.

I have been employed at this school for over 20 years now and have been working in this Pastoral role since 2002. I have a wealth of experience and thoroughly enjoy my role in the Academy.

All the House Managers and Heads of Houses work together, collaboratively, to ensure we support all our students and ensure they feel safe, happy and achieve their very best.

Teamwork is very important and together with Mr McUrich, Head of House, we will do our very best to sort out any issues that may arise with regard to your children.

Mutual respect is very important and positive relationships are key to providing our extensive support in school. We aim to support the students and pass onto them other life skills, empowering them and giving them the confidence to move forward positively in whatever they do.

Having regular contact with parents/carers is also very important. Please feel free to ring any time or leave a message on the Ennis-Hill voicemail with any concerns you may have. We will always get back to you at our earliest convenience. We are here to help.




Mr Whitely

Head of Newton House

Hello, my name is Mr Whiteley. I am the Head of House for Newton and I teach Physical education. In my spare time I like to play sport as often as I can and I also like to visit new places around the world.

My house is called Newton House because Isaac Newton was an English mathematician, astronomer, and physicist who is widely recognised as one of the most influential scientists of all-time and influential to the students at Oasis Academy Wintringham.

Isaac Newton is from the Hamlet of Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, so not far from the Academy. My role is to look after all of the students in Newton House and make sure they are happy. I organise school assemblies and house events.

The House Manager for Newton House is Mr Watson. He will support students with a range of concerns and is always available to go to with any problems.

Newton House is the best house because we have the most vibrant and caring students that do extremely well in any sporting event.


Mr Watson

Newton House Manager

Hello, my name is Mr Watson and I am House Manager for Newton, and I support Newton student’s pastoral needs. I spend some of my spare time going to the gym and getting out on my bike on a weekend, but I also like to spend as much time as I can with my family.

My role as House Manager of Newton House is to make sure that all of our student are excelling and achieving, but also happy at Oasis Academy Wintringham. If there are any problems that are getting in the way of students learning, I will work with students to resolve any problem they might have, in conjunction with Mr Whiteley Head of Newton House.

Our House is named after the inspirational scientist, mathematician and astronomer, Sir Isaac Newton; we encourage all our students to follow in the footsteps of Sir Isaac Newton, to be innovative, creative, and show perseverance in all the things they pursue. Myself and Mr Whiteley Head of Newton House are very proud of Newton House, and our students, who are very caring and always strive to excel in everything they do.




Miss Peers

Head of Rowling House

Hello, my name is Miss Peers; I teach English and have done for the last three years. I am the Head of House for Rowling and this is my first year in the role. In my spare time, I enjoy having days out and enjoy being creative and making things such as jewellery.

I am responsible for house assemblies and ensuring that pupils in Rowling House are recognised for their efforts and achievements. The House Managers are Ms Carlberg and Mrs Greetham. They provide help and support for all students within Rowling House. We are proud to belong to such an enthusiastic house.

Rowling was chosen to be our house name because of the inspirational author, J.K. Rowling. She inspired many young people to find a love of reading and showed dedication, tenacity and never gave up.

For the house song, Rowling chose ‘Try Everything’. We chose this song because its lyrics truly represent what we believe in: Perseverance, Relationships, Inclusion, Diversity and Everlasting Hope. Students in Rowling House inspire me on a daily basis with their drive, engagement and passion throughout the whole Academy.

Rowling is the best house. It is full of dedicated, enthusiastic and talented people and we look forward to celebrating their accomplishments.


Mrs Carlberg

Rowling House Manager

Hello, my name is Sue Carlberg. I am one of the House Managers for Rowling and I share my role with Mrs Greetham. We are a dedicated team and work together to provide pastoral support to students on a daily basis. This helps to ensure students make progress in every lesson to enable the best outcomes and provide the opportunity to attend university or a real alternative.


Mr Leadbetter

Rowling House Manager

Hello, my name is Paul Leadbetter. I am one of the House Managers for Rowling and I share my role with Mrs Carlberg. We work very hard to ensure all students have their voices heard to help them achieve their potential and become valuable and happy members of the community in which they live.

Rowling is the best house because our students work as a real team supporting each other and overcoming adversity to be the champions!




Mr Hyldon

Head of Branson House

Hello, my name is Mr Hyldon. I am the Head of House for Branson. I am also the Director of Learning for Aspire. In my spare time I like to spend time with my family, listen to music and follow the fortunes of Grimsby Town Football Club and the mighty Chelsea!

It is called Branson House because of Sir Richard Branson, the entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is inspiring because he works hard to turn his ideas into successes and he tries to help many others with his wealth.

My role is to be the figurehead for Branson, to lead assemblies, to oversee a great team of tutors and to ensure that Branson students are attending, behaving and achieving.

The House Managers are fantastic. Miss McIntyre knows many of the children so well and helps them on a day-to-day basis.

Branson is the best house because of the people in it. We have a wonderful set of students and tutors who care about our house and try every day to be the best they can be.

Mrs McIntyre

Branson House Manager

Hello, my name is Joanne McIntyre. I am the House Manager for Branson House. I have worked at Oasis Academy Wintringham since 2003. In my time here, I have seen many changes, the biggest being moving into the fantastic building we have now. I am proud to be a member of the Oasis family and everyone strives to make it the best it can possibly be.

In my spare time, I enjoying spending time with my family, reading and walking my dog.

My role as Branson House Manager enables me to work very closely with the students and I am always there for them if they need someone to talk to, offering them help, support and guidance. I am also available any weekday from 8am to 4pm for parents if they have any concerns or worries they would like to discuss.

Branson House is the best house because our students give it their best with enthusiasm and team spirit. We have a strong sense of belonging and we all help other to be the best we can be.