Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Across the UK, Oasis volunteers are involved in a wide range of activities serving our local communities. They are essential to our work and are vital members of the Oasis team. The volunteers we have working with us at Oasis Hub South Grimsby have made a massive impact on families and students in many areas, but we are always looking for more help! At Oasis Hub South Grimsby we have developed a volunteer pathway that allows you to see what we hope that you can gain from volunteering, how we will support you and how you are able to contribute.

Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

Community Space Volunteers

At Oasis Hub South Grimsby we have our community space which has lots of activities taking place throughout the year, from our holiday activities, parent drop in sessions to training for people within our community and volunteers. We always need support in the day to running of the space and welcome anyone to just pop in and put the kettle on!

Food Project Volunteers

One of our main areas for work is the many food projects that we run in partnership with We are One Foundation, you are able to read about in further detail on our food project tab, we are always looking for volunteers to support these projects for as much or as little time as can be given. In return we are able to support with gaining you food related qualifications.

Youth Activity Volunteers

Do you feel that you have the skills to support the personal and social development of the young people with our community? Our youth club is in need of community volunteers to support the weekly running of the club, delivering activities, building relationships and encouraging participation of young people. If you feel that this is you please contact us.

After School Clubs

Here at the Oasis Hub South Grimsby, we aim to support the academies to offer students an extensive range of extra-curricular activities, which start at the end of the school day. This helps support their interests and hobbies and it is our belief that an extended curriculum will continue to enrich their lives long after they have left the Academy.

Do you have any spare time from 3pm? Do you have a particular interest that you would like to share with our students and families? Have you wanted to run a club but weren’t sure how to go about it?

We are not necessarily looking for people to run their own clubs, but if you have an hour to spare once a week to support staff during a club that is already running, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

The Oasis Ethos

  • A passion to include everyone
  • A desire to treat everyone equally
  • A commitment to healthy open relationships
  • A deep sense of hope, that things can change and be transformed
  • A sense of perseverance to keep going for the long haul

Chaplaincy Volunteers

We are keen to recruit volunteers to be involved in our chaplaincy team, to assist our full time chaplain in his work which includes providing chaplaincy support in the two Oasis academies in Grimsby, as well as community work in the surrounding area. Volunteers would be subject to enhanced DBS screening and may need to undergo some training.

If you are interested in working with us to extend our chaplaincy team, there are a number of areas you could help in:

  1. Pastoral support: Are you someone who really cares about people? For this role you need to be a people-centred person who is a good listener, but you will need the skill of not jumping in too quickly with advice and guidance, more than anything people need you to listen. To help with pastoral support you must be kind, non-judgemental and ready to read between the lines when people are talking to you. Besides that you will also need bags of patience, and to know how to get along with people. It often helps if you have ‘life experience’ that will enable you to identify with people’s problems, and to demonstrate empathy for them.
  2. Mentors: Are you good at helping people to develop their strengths? Many of our young people really need someone who will listen to them, take them seriously, and help them to identify a really positive way to live. Mentoring someone is a precious gift, but it’s one that requires a lot of determination and patience. If you are the sort of person who is good at listening and is willing to invest time, you can help change the future of our young people.
  3. Community activism: Are you passionate about seeing your community be all that it could be? Are you full of energy to see things change? We need people who are passionate and committed to help us as we work with our community for ‘bottom up’ transformation. As well as being passionate about seeing our community transformed, you will also need to be wise and patient enough to work with people to make things happen. This role requires you to put in lots of hard work, as well as to be a good team player. Perhaps most of all it needs you to be willing to give your best, and to get the best out of others.
  4. Encourager: Everyone needs encouragement! Some of us know that instinctively, and are really good at giving it. Whether it’s playing games with kids, handing out sweets or tissues, sending cards and emails, remembering birthdays, being there with a cup of tea, or simply just being a smiley person, we need encouraging people. In order to do this well you will need to be warm, friendly, caring, kind, and most of all, encouraging.
  5. Teacher/presenter: Great communication is a gift not everyone has, but those who do have it should use it – and working with children and young people is a great way to do just that. We want people who can get across important messages, who can enthuse people about exciting ideas, and who can tell stories that capture the imagination. If you are the sort of person who would love to carry out assemblies, or run clubs, then you will need to have good presentation skills, as well as a warm engaging manner, and a really good grasp of our ethos.
  6. Networker: They say that if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, then go together. We want to go far – so its really important that we can build great collaborative networks of like-minded people. To do that we need people who naturally know how to build friendships and developing links so that we can build strong and productive collaborative networks of people and organisations. To help us with this you will need to be friendly and approachable, a good listener, and able to communicate well.
  7. Administrator: Nothing ‘just happens’, everything must be carefully organised and scheduled, or else everything might ‘just happen’ all at once! It is a wonderful gift to be the kind of person who can organise and plan, and we always need people who can do this. For this position you need to be a good at juggling priorities, and someone who can use diaries and spreadsheets to plan and monitor things, as well as being good at dealing with competing demands, and, quite often, demanding people.

We are seeking to build a chaplaincy team that reflects the various faiths of our community. While the position of full time chaplain is one which requires the post-holder to be a committed Christian, the positions listed above do not require you to be a Christian, but just to be in sympathy with the ethos* and values of Oasis. If you’re interested in any of these roles, please feel free to get in touch to discuss this.

To apply to become part of our chaplaincy team, please contact Michelle Donner:; Tel: 01472 871811.