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Careers Guidance

At Oasis Academy Wintringham our vision is that all students, by the time they leave will have high aspirations, the skills and qualifications to give them the tools to progress onto further and higher education, enabling them to lead a fulfilling and happy life. Students will have a planned programme of Careers Education and Guidance in accordance with the DFE Careers Education Framework 7 -1 9: Statutory Guidance: Impartial Careers Education. We were the first school in N.E. Lincs. to secure The Quality in Careers Standards for Careers Guidance.

  • We aim to ensure that all our students have the opportunity to climb the stairway to university or a real alternative and lead a fulfilling and happy life.
  • Our Careers service offers up to date, impartial and relevant information, advice and guidance on a range of options available to students in KS3 and KS4.
  • We ensure that there is an opportunity for a range of education and training providers to access all pupils in Year 7 to Year 11 for the purpose of informing them about approved technical education qualifications or apprenticeships.

Internal structure

Oasis Academy Wintringham employs a level 6 trained practitioner, Mrs Sally Lumby. This is a non-teaching post. We were the first school in North East Lincolnshire to secure the Quality in Careers Standard for Careers Guidance. The Academy Careers Lead is a member of the Leadership team.

Sally, works in the Academy every day and is available to see students during Tutor time, Step-Up days, breaks and lunchtimes. The local authority YPSS Careers Adviser assists the Academy too.

So students can easily access the Careers office it is situated on the second floor on the Yr11 Agora.

For more information please contact:

Mrs Sally Lumby
Tel: 01472 871811
Email sally.lumby@oasiswintringham.org

Entitlement, guidance and educational trips

All Year 11 students receive a 1:1 guidance interview by a qualified practitioner.

Vulnerable students are identified in Year 10 and receive additional support from the local authority, YPSS.

External, independent and impartial careers services are invited to attend assemblies, lunch time Year 11 drop in sessions and open evenings to help students make the right choices.

Student Entitlement

We work hard to ensure students take their future destination very seriously and are well informed. We have a careers programme that builds on this knowledge year by year, starting in Year 7.

Year 7: Students begin to consider their career aspirations in Year 7 when they focus on enterprise. Raising Aspirations for University and inspiring students for careers and post 16 options.

Year 8: In year 8 students will start to look at career routes, which will empower them to be able to make their KS4 option choices. This school works closely with Young Enterprise.

Years: 9, 10 and 11 Students focus on analysing current skills and developing these skills for interviews and the world of work. Enabling students to have the right knowledge and understanding to be able to consider their options for continuing education, training or work after Year 11.

This can include:

  • Years 10 and 11 1:1 Career Interviews
  • College courses, applications and university
  • Training and apprenticeships
  • Part-time jobs and job-hunting
  • Guidance on voluntary work experience
  • Inspirational external speakers

Trips and Visits

All Year 10 students visit the NE Lincolnshire Skills Fair in July every year.

Year 10 students have the opportunity to attend taster sessions at The Grimsby Institute and Franklin College.

The Academy ran over 50 trips last year to raise student aspirations.

Measuring impact

As an Academy we use Compass – the careers benchmark tool as outlined in the Gatsby benchmark to assess and improve our current CEIAG provision. Our progress against the Gatsby benchmarks will be reviewed regularly throughout the academic year to help us meet all of the 8 benchmarks by the end of 2020.

We will monitor the impact of our action plan and the CEIAG we deliver mainly through feedback from students and staff. All activities and policies will be reviewed in September 2019.

Partnerships, links and resources

All local colleges and post 16 providers, including apprenticeship providers, technical colleges are invited in to speak Yr10 and Yr11. These organisations are also invited in for academic review days and events to speak to parents.

We work closely with DWP and NCOP to ensure our students access as many provisions and opportunities that are available.

www.lincs2.co.uk is a comprehensive one-stop source of information that lists and provides details of all the Post 16 options, courses, jobs and training in North East Lincolnshire.