Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

All systems relating to Special Educational Needs at Oasis Academy Wintringham are fully in place, meet statutory requirements and have regard to the 2014 Code of Practice, the Equality Act 2010 and the Children and Families Act 2014.

Our Special Educational Needs Policy reflects the duties of the Academy Council  in relation to identifying and supporting students with Special Educational Needs. Please refer to our policy if you have any concerns or issues that arise if your child is categorised as having a Special Educational Need. Parental engagement is seen to be a crucial factor in enabling students with Special Educational Needs to achieve their potential and parents are actively encouraged to be involved with their child’s school and home work.

Admissions Policy - Special Educational Needs

Oasis Academy Wintringham has an Admissions policy published on the Academy website and available for download here. The Policy is underpinned by the Equality Act 2010. Where the number of applications for admission is greater than the published admissions number, admissions of students with statements/EHCPs (Education, Health and Care Plan) of Special Educational Needs where the Academy is named in Part 4 of the statement EHCP will take priority.

The Government now require all schools and academies to inform parents/prospective parents what support they offer to children with SEND. 


SEND Figures: EHCP: 10, SEN support: 151. Number on roll: 891

Specialist Staffing - Numbers and Qualifications

The structure of the staffing for students with Special Educational Needs is as follows:

  • Assistant Principal with Area of Responsibility for SEND.
  • Specialist Manager – (Qualified LSA – Level 3) - Assessment for dyslexia and access arrangements.
  • Learning Support Assistants – some of whom are level 3 qualified in a range of courses from child care to youth work and education, and some are qualified to degree level.

Pastoral Care for SEND students

We have special provisions put in place for pastoral care for our SEND students, including easy access, inclusion and specialised units for learning. To find out more please visit our Pastoral Care pages.