Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Art session

This week’s art lesson is focusing on African art and in particular the work of George Pemba

Please answer the questions and upload your work.


Wellbeing Workout

There are several wellbeing workouts at our youtube page, the best way is to clink this link and then go to the playlists section where all workouts have been grouped together.

Mr Luddington has prepared a few simple football skills drills for you to have a go at, click here to access these.

If you have any ideas of workouts or skill drills you would like us to create to help you please feel free to email Miss Turner at



Lesson 1   

Everything you need is in the attached file.  Complete all questions.  Make sure you watch the videos first!

Lesson 2

Please find attached a forms office file and a worksheet to complete.  There is the option to upload your worksheets onto the forms document.  If you have any problems just email your work to me.





Lesson 1

Miss Baxter, Mr Wardman and Miss Wilkinson’s classes complete the lesson by clicking on the following link:

Dr Pine and Miss McDonough’s classes complete the lesson by clicking on the link below:

Mr Cross and Miss McHugh’s classes please complete the lesson by following this link:


Lesson 2

Read your Renaissance books for 1 hour. You can quiz on any Renaissance books you have already read at home and also many of the books available on the My On website below.

You should have your user name and password in your planners but if you haven’t, remember that your user name is usually the first letter of your first name and the first four of your surname – there is a link you can press at the bottom of the log in page that says ‘Forgot User Name’. Click this clink to go to the Renaissance log in page:




Lesson 1

Sets 1 to 3

Statistics 5 - Grouped Frequency Tables 1

Sets 4 to 7  

Pictograms and collecting data

·         Watch the videos on Mathswatch and complete the task set.

·         Use the worksheet questions for extra practice and to test your understanding.

·         Mathswatch:


Lesson 2

Sets 1 to 3

Statistics 6 - Grouped Frequency Tables 2

Sets 4 to 7  

Collecting data and interpreting bar charts

·         Watch the videos on Mathswatch and complete the task set.

·         Use the worksheet questions for extra practice and to test your understanding.

·         Mathswatch:







1.     Have a go at the weekly MFL challenge – top 10 French foods!

2. Watch the video lesson online called ‘Understanding information about tourist attractions’

Remember, there will be a pre-quiz to check your knowledge and after that, you need to click on ‘next activity’ to watch the full lesson. You do not need to do the quiz at the end.

3. Complete this quiz:

8X1, 8X2, 8X3,8X4 make sure you complete all challenge tasks.

8Y1, 8Y2,8Y3 try the challenge tasks if you can.


EXTENSION TASK: Have a go at the second lesson of the week from the Oak National Academy



George Floyd’s death has changed the world. I would like you to spend your ‘history session’ this week looking at what happened and the wider Black Lives Matter campaign in general.


Using the resources below and any of your own research, I would like you to produce a short presentation about the Black Lives Matter movement. It needs to include the following aspects:

·         What the Black Lives Matter movement is.

·         Why it has started.

·         The impact it is having (both in the US and globally).

·         A list of things that we can do to tackle racism in our everyday lives.

You can use PowerPoint, Prezi (a free online tool), a poster or just with a pen and paper. You could even write a speech if you’re feeling brave! The purpose of the presentation is to inform others who may not know why people are protesting.

Optional Resources:

·         This article explains what exactly happened to George Floyd and why it has sparked protests.

·         This video clearly explains what Blackout Tuesday is all about, including who took part and why.

·         This is the Black Lives Matter website. It explains exactly what the Black Lives Matter movement is and how everyone is involved.

·         This website contains information about some inspirational black women in Britain’s past (and present). 

·         This website has got a number of useful video clips.



As it was World environment day last week which is to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment, I thought it would be appropriate to have a look at this. We will also focus on some key geographical skills too this week.  

Task 1: Have a browse through this webpage: If you scroll down on the page there are some very interesting stories to read through, if you click ‘see all’ more appear. I would like you to read through at least two of these. Once you have read these Click here to answer a question about the stories.

Task 2: Click on this webpage and have a read:

 Once you have read through what is biodiversity click here to take a quiz.

Task 3: Geographical skills: Complete the SENECA assignment ‘Geographical skills’





Type here



Here is your Design technology session for this week on innovation and smart materials.

Read through the PowerPoint below and then answer the questions using the form link and upload any design work that you complete.




Performing Arts/Music


Choose your own activities from the Musical alphabet challenge (located in subject files)

Then complete this short questionnaire about your progress.