Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Art session

Year 8 you will continue to look at art from around the world this week the focus is on Aboriginal Art. Please complete the questions and produce a drawing based on your favourite image.

The link is below


Wellbeing Workout

All our wellbeing workouts can be found here, why not try one of our older workouts and see whether you think your fitness has improved or decreased since last completing it.  There are a whole range of workouts for you to access and enjoy.

Also, we have created a second Zumba track for you to attempt.  Zumba is great for fitness, for toning those muscles and for making you smile.  For the low intensity track click here or for a more active, higher intensity workout click here



Lesson 1   

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Lesson 2

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Lesson 1

Mr Cross and Miss McHugh’s class – please read part 3 of Royal Jelly (this is saved in the English folder) and then complete the activities here:

Dr Pine and Miss McDonough’s class – please see Lesson 1 in the English file. You will need to read A Nightmare in Yellow and then complete the activities here:

Miss Baxter, Mr Wardman and Miss Wilkinson’s Classes – Please complete Lesson 1 in the English folder.

Lesson 2

Read your Renaissance books for 1 hour. You can quiz on any Renaissance books you have already read at home and also many of the books available on the My On website below.

You should have your user name and password in your planners but if you haven’t, remember that your user name is usually the first letter of your first name and the first four of your surname – there is a link you can press at the bottom of the log in page that says ‘Forgot User Name’. Click this clink to go to the Renaissance log in page:




Lesson 1

Sets 1 to 3

Statistics 9 – Hypotheses and Sampling

Sets 4 to 7

Data Collection

Watch the videos on Mathswatch and complete the task set.

Use the worksheet questions for extra practice and to test your understanding. ·



Lesson 2

Sets 1 to 3

Statistics 10 – Primary Secondary and Questioning

Sets 4 to 7

Data Collection Sheet

Watch the videos on Mathswatch and complete the task set.

Use the worksheet questions for extra practice and to test your understanding. ·






1.       Have a go at the weekly MFL challenge – top 10 opinions!

2. Watch the video lesson online called ‘Understanding dialogues in shops’

Remember, there will be a pre-quiz to check your knowledge and after that, you need to click on ‘next activity’ to watch the full lesson. You do not need to do the quiz at the end.

3. Complete this quiz:

8X1, 8X2, 8X3,8X4 make sure you complete all challenge tasks.

8Y1, 8Y2,8Y3 try the challenge tasks if you can.

EXTENSION TASK: Have a go at the second lesson of the week from the Oak National Academy

Feedback Friday: Click the link to the quiz (instruction 3) again. You will see that your quiz has been marked again by Miss Brown. Look at your score- it may have changed! Read the comments Miss Brown has given you and act upon any feedback given.



1st Task – Click here and read through the information about King John from BBC Bitesize. Once you’ve done this, you can do the ‘test’ section as usual and send me a photo of your score (

2nd Task – Watch one of these two clips (Clip 1, Clip 2) about King John and Magna Carta.

3rd Task - Complete page 24 to page 29 in your work booklet. The electronic copy of this is under the ‘History Tab’. Just work on paper (don’t worry about printing the booklet).

4th Task – I would like you to imagine that you are interviewing King John. You are interviewing him straight after he’s signed the Magna Carta. Write a short script with at least 3 questions that you could ask him and write out his answers.

Challenge – If you are feeling very ambitious, you could have a go at pages 30 and 31 in the work booklet. This is a mini assessment and should help you practice your exam technique. You could email this back to me or even take a photo of it and send that.

Feedback Friday – Don't forget to check out the History Tab to view feedback for the Edward Colston work.



Task 1: Open the PowerPoint under the resources section. Watch it and listen to me tell you about earthquakes. You can hear my voice by clicking play on the speaker button on the slide. After listening/watching this complete the SENECA assignment ‘Consequences of earthquakes’.

Task 2: Complete SENECA assignment ‘Managing risk’

Task 3: Complete forms quiz on earthquakes and managing risk, Click HERE

Task 4: Complete forms quiz on volcanoes, Click HERE

Task 5: Complete SENECA assignment ‘End of topic test’

Feedback Friday: In the resources folder there is a word document you need to open with the information and instructions for feedback from the work week commencing 15.6.20.



This week we are sharing a resource from Humberside Police’s Operation Galaxy. This topic is keeping safe and all different ages. You need to open the file, click your age group, it will then give different tasks according to your selection.

The learning covers;

·         What DOMESTIC ABUSE is.

·         What COERCIVE CONTROL is.

·         What a GOOD RELATIONSHIP is.

·         How you can GET HELP in a bad relationship




Complete the programming task sheet. Read through the different instructions and complete the different tasks set.