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Transforming Learning

Oasis Academy Wintringham combines the highest standards of teaching & learning alongside our 7 curriculum principles which are flexible and reflect the needs of all our students. We now follow a 2 year Key Stage 3 (Year 7 & 8) with our chosen curriculum pathways vertically integrated allowing a holistic, broad approach for implementation of National Curriculum subjects.

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We are proud of the fact that we focus a significant proportion of our curriculum time on English and Mathematics to ensure students have the core numeracy and literacy skills to help access other curriculum areas. Within English, there is a big focus on literacy and reading with all students undertaking at least one hour of focused reading per week.

We have a key focus on Science, History and Geography to lay the foundation for future GCSE study within these core Ebacc academic areas. In addition, we also place great value on Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) and consequently we have increased the amount of time studying languages to help students, if they wish, become more immersed within language learning.

At the end of Key Stage 3, an element of compulsory choice is introduced (during Year 9) in preparation for GCSE subjects, with students choosing their first of three option subjects. This will be a Humanities option. A further two options will be chosen in the summer term of Year 9. (See Options tab).

Students receive 25 hours of teaching each week - 25 x 1 hour lessons. The total learning time each day is 5 hours 20 minutes, consisting of 5 hours teaching time and 20 minutes assembly/tutor period.

Our Curriculum principles are:

  1. Vertically integrated
  2. Relevance & Appropriate
  3. Coherence & Rigorous
  4. Challenging & Enjoyment
  5. Personalised & Choice
  6. Breath/Depth & Balance
  7. Progression – University Ready

The Department for Education (DfE) continue to adapt qualifications and those deemed appropriate for students on a regular basis. Therefore, it is vital that our students are offered the broadest range of subjects from the Government’s approved list to ensure that they can compete in the wider world once they have left Oasis Academy Wintringham.

Our curriculum design reflects the needs of all our students and enables every individual to progress and achieve their personal best.

For further information or enquires regarding Curriculum please contact Craig.Monaghan@oasiswintringham.org.